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Raices Refugee and Immigrant Legal Services

If you`re like me, you`ve probably heard about the amazing work that Raices Refugee and Immigrant Legal Services is doing to help those in need. Their dedication to providing legal services to refugees and immigrants is truly inspiring. As someone who is passionate about social justice, I have been following their work closely and wanted to take the time to share with you some information about this incredible organization.

Who is Raices?

Raices, which stands for the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, is a non-profit organization based in Texas. They are dedicated to providing free and low-cost legal services to immigrant and refugee families. Since their founding in 1986, they have been at the forefront of advocating for immigrant rights and providing much-needed support to those seeking asylum in the United States.

The Impact of Raices

The work that Raices has a impact on the of individuals and families. In 2020 alone, they provided legal services to over 91,000 people and secured the release of over 300 people from immigrant detention centers. Their team of dedicated lawyers and support staff work tirelessly to ensure that those in need have access to legal representation and support as they navigate the complex immigration system.

Case Study: Maria`s Story

One example of the incredible work that Raices does is the case of Maria, a refugee from Honduras. Maria and her young daughter fled their home country due to violence and persecution. When they arrived at the US-Mexico border seeking asylum, they were detained and faced the prospect of being deported back to a dangerous situation. Raices in and them with representation. Thanks to their efforts, Maria and her daughter were granted asylum and are now safe and thriving in the United States.

Supporting Raices

If are by the work that Raices doing and to their mission, are ways to involved. Can a to help fund their legal services, your time to with their efforts, or help the about the work that do. Every bit helps to make a in the of in need.

Raices Refugee and Immigrant Legal Services is truly a beacon of hope for so many individuals and families who are in need of legal support. Their dedication to advocating for immigrant rights and providing access to justice is an inspiration to us all. I hope that by sharing this information, more people will become aware of the incredible work that Raices does and consider supporting their mission in any way they can.

Top 10 Legal Questions about Raices Refugee and Immigrant Legal Services

Question Answer
۱٫ What types of legal services does Raices offer for refugees and immigrants? Raices provides a wide range of legal services including asylum representation, bond assistance, and legal orientation for detained individuals. Also offer with reunification and defense.
۲٫ How does Raices help immigrants with the asylum process? Raices assists with their applications, evidence, and representing in court. Also support for survivors seeking asylum.
۳٫ Can Raices help immigrants with DACA applications? Yes, Raices provides assistance with DACA applications and renewal process. Also workshops and clinics to DACA navigate the immigration system.
۴٫ What are the eligibility requirements for receiving legal services from Raices? Raices serves low-income immigrants and refugees, including those in detention. Prioritize and who are most in of assistance and support.
۵٫ Does Raices provide pro bono legal representation for immigrants? Yes, Raices has team of pro bono attorneys who free legal to in need. Also with firms and professionals to their pro bono services.
۶٫ Can Raices assist with obtaining work authorization for immigrants? Yes, Raices helps the process of work including and filing the paperwork with authorities.
۷٫ What is Raices` approach to deportation defense? Raices takes comprehensive to defense, providing with representation in court and for their and process protections.
۸٫ How does Raices assist unaccompanied minors with their legal needs? Raices provides representation and for minors, them the immigration system and the they need to protection and relief.
۹٫ Can Raices help immigrants with applying for permanent residency? Yes, Raices assists with for residency, those eligible through sponsorship, or immigrant categories.
۱۰٫ How can individuals support the work of Raices in helping refugees and immigrants? Individuals can support Raices through donations, volunteering, and spreading awareness about their mission and impact. Every contribution helps make a difference in the lives of immigrants seeking legal support and protection.

Raices Refugee and Immigrant Legal Services Contract

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Client to pay Raices for legal provided at the hourly or fee. Shall be made within days of of invoice.

۳٫ Confidentiality

Both Raices and Client to maintain the of all shared during the of the representation, in with the laws and standards.

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